Hype Energy Drinks is a worldwide established brand and is represented in many countries. Now, the products are also available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We are always trying to find the latest trends and to develop the hottest flavors for you. This means that you can always look forward to new taste experiences and different beverage categories at Hype Energy – so that everyone gets their very own hype!








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As you can see, the Hype can has been around for a while … Strictly speaking since 1994, when it was introduced by the founder of the Hard Rock Café. Since then, Hype Energy has made itself a worldwide name as a lifestyle product in the areas of sports, eSports, motorsport, music, lifestyle & more. To this day, Hype is also present in Formula 1 or as a sponsor of various of its teams. Our hype energy drinks can also be spotted in collaborations with stars such as French Montana, Kim Kardashian or Kanye West. Just visit Media to make an impression!

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